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Accelerate your GenAI adoption journey

Interested in accelerating your GenAI adoption journey with Motific?
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Unlock rapid, trusted delivery of GenAI capabilities in your organization

Faster innovation and delivery

Provision assistants or abstracted APIs powered by your organization's data with policy controls in minutes.

Lower trust and compliance risks

Apply comprehensive policy controls for security, trust, compliance, and cost.

Deep visibility and insights

Track prompt usage with ROI and cost intelligence, key operational metrics, and audit trail across all projects.

Streamline management of GenAI app building blocks


Deliver trusted, secure, assistants to business end-users.

Abstracted APIs

Provide standardized foundation model interfaces to business app developers.

Knowledge Bases

Connect with org data sources for optimal and secure retrieval-augmented-generation (RAG).

Policy controls

Apply built-in and custom PII, toxicity, hallucination, topics, token limit, prompt injection, and data poisoning controls.


Gain end-to-end visibility of operational metrics, policy flags, and audit trail.


Understand user intents based on prompts to optimize foundation model usage.